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Advatange One

Unique method of PGM absorbed on alumina and oxygen storage material, especially for aftermarket

Advatange Two

The state of precious metal at catalyst:

Ion free state

Part free state

Part absorbed state

The state of precious metals(Cat Technology which has been applied less than 20% in OEM market, and 0 in after market)

Layered Tech

Zoning Tech

Advatange Three

1、Patent#:202121881567.6  A kind of  automobile exhaust device

2、Patent#:CN202110980356.6 An environment protection gasoline engine individual pull collector (Invention)

3、 Patent#:CN201810872194.2 Preparation method of high heat stable oxygen storage material (Invention)

4、CN202122256591.7: A monitoring and processing device for auto emission

5、CN202122474814.7:A protective structure for automobile exhaust system

6、CN202122475134.7: A vehicle emission detection device

7、202111321620.1: Emission device for environment protection

8、202122256525.X:A supportive structure for particle collector at gasoline vehicles.

……Another 7 patents are during processing

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